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Soft washing is a safe and very effective low-pressure cleaning method.

Softwashing in Kent

Discover Softwashing with Lighthouse Property & Window Cleaning in Thanet, Kent and Surrounding Areas

Soft washing stands as a secure and highly effective low-pressure cleaning method that rejuvenates your property’s appearance.

Employing a scientific approach, soft washing utilizes premium eco-friendly Softwash products tailored for a variety of projects, setting it apart as a meticulous cleaning solution.

Soft washing delves into the heart of organic growth and discoloration, enhancing our understanding of their origins. Most property grime consists of living organic biofilm or carbon.

Our softwash treatment addresses growth at its source, exterminating spores without causing harm to your property or the environment.

Unlike power washing, which merely shifts growth around, soft-washing treats, kills, and eradicates organic build-up, preventing swift regrowth.

With recent investments in advanced equipment and training, we utilize low-pressure pumps for cleaning and rinsing, ensuring minimal impact.

Benefiting from rapid results, soft washing proves both swift and effective. Depending on weather conditions and property location, the treatment maintains surfaces for up to 5 years.

Eco-friendly, soft washing poses minimal environmental impact and breaks down swiftly upon contact with soil, posing no risk to children or pets once dry.

Softwashing Advantages Over Power Washing


Numerous companies have jumped on the “softwashing” trend without proper training, qualifications, or process knowledge. Such a choice could lead to irreversible damage. Unlike them, Lighthouse Property & Window Cleaning has invested time and resources into training to ensure exceptional service and reliable information for our clients.

Our team dedicates approximately 24 hours to online training before even touching equipment. Followed by two days of hands-on training, this commitment culminates in a 200-question (approx. 8 hours) exam. Our dedication saves you from the hassle.

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