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Roof cleaning

A clean roof not only improves the aesthetics of your property but also prolongs its lifespan. Our roof cleaning service removes dirt, moss, and algae, restoring the beauty and integrity of your roof.

Roof Cleaning Services in Thanet, Kent: Serving Broadstairs, Margate, Ramsgate, and More

Many roofs are affected with Algae, Lichen and Moss which damage the tiles and shorten the life span of the roof overall. Our Softwash Solution works by killing the micro-organisms which colonise exterior surfaces such as roofs. When the algae and moulds that are living symbiotically with the Moss and Lichen die, the whole organism dies. Cleaning time frames on roofs can vary depending on type and condition of tile, variety of biological load and softwash chemical selected by our professional operatives. The Chemical selected will depend on the substrate and condition of the roof as well as the requirements of our customer. Elevate the look and longevity of your property’s roof with Lighthouse Property & Window Cleaning’s professional roof cleaning services. Operating in the heart of Thanet, Kent, and covering Broadstairs, Margate, Ramsgate, Westgate-on-Sea, Birchington-on-Sea, and beyond, our expert team is dedicated to ensuring your roof stands strong and gleams with renewed vitality.

The softer Exterior Cleaning treatment that gives longer lasting results. Professional Use only Softwash solution applied by trained applicators. Softwash Solution for the effective treatment and control of:

• Green Algae/Mildew
• Yellow Lichen/Moss
• Roofs
• Brick
• Tarmac
• Paintwork
• Pre-paint Treatment
• Pebble/Dry Dash
• Painted Surfaces
• Red Algae
• Black Fungus/Mould

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Our experienced staff is well-versed in the intricacies of roof cleaning, ensuring thoroughness and a brilliant finish.

Local Understanding

With Thanet as our home base, we're familiar with the unique challenges coastal environments pose to roofs, allowing us to provide tailored solutions.


Our Softwash Solution is a blend of chemicals that consists of fully licensed, powerful “Professional Use Only” Biocide or Bleach which gives a soft and
gentle treatment that kills organic growth and disinfects without damaging surfaces or the environment. The high quality active ingredient content is the maximum strength government approved available on the market which is only to be used by a trained professional. It has the benefit of a low environmental footprint and biodegrades quickly. Once dry, the Solution is PH neutral and safe for your children or pets.
The softer Exterior Cleaning treatment that gives longer lasting results. Professional Use only Softwash solution applied by trained applicators.
Softwash Solution for the effective treatment and control of:

Let’s go back to school and have a quick look at the science.

Our Softwash Solution works by puncturing the cell wall of the live biofilm, killing the organism
down to the root. The organism dies and will eventually disappear leaving a surface that is fully
disinfected and so will giving longevity of clean time and value for money.
Anecdotally, after treatment of biocide (if this is the treatment of choice) the surface can look
noticeably worse, a darker red or green perhaps. This is the Solution doing it’s job. This is not the
case when using Bleach and is often selected for instant cleaning results. Once organism cells
are punctured, they may release beta carotene and chlorophyll; essentially they bleed then die.
When using Bleach this process will be quick and staining will rapidly disappear where as
biocide use will leave the staining to lighten and eventually disappear.
The most frequently asked question from customers is: “How long will it last?”
Our Softwash Solutions treatment, gives proven longevity against power washing alone or
aggressive, often unlicensed, chemical treatment. A maintenance program of treatment will help
keep the surface permanently clean, providing a long term solution.


In most cases direct chemical injection is used. This eliminates human error and the risk of
Professional Strength chemicals being sprayed above maximum regulation.
Normally, the solution is applied from the ground using long reach equipment.
Direct chemical injection eliminates the need to mix chemicals on site although our staff are all fully trained to do so should machinery fail or the need for portable injection systems be used.

Where there is heavy contamination it is often be brushed in to get chemicals deeper into the substrate.

For high rise buildings, our high access licenced operatives can apply the solution.
Our staff have attended both Biocide and Bleach application Chemical specific training
as well as COSHH training through our local health and safety representatives SAMS
health and safety. On request we will be happy to provide evidence of this along with vast
other training courses attended.


When using a Bleach based solution the results will often be instant however some staining or moss may still be present but will now be dead. We often leave customers with a time frame of 4-6 months for the elements to gently wash away any staining or moss left after we clean.

Biocide Cleaning time frames will depend on the type of biofilm and the biological load present on the surface being treated. For example, red staining: the algae known as Trentepohlia can take approximately 1 week and green algae/Mildew can disappear within 24 hours. Black moulds/fungi like Aspergillus Niger will take longer and, although the growth will be killed and the growth cycle halted, any residual staining may need further treatments/rinsing.


Ready to enhance your property’s aesthetics and protection with professional roof cleaning? Contact Lighthouse Property & Window Cleaning today to schedule your roof cleaning service in Thanet, Kent, and surrounding areas. Trust us to rejuvenate your roof’s health and appearance, leaving a lasting impression.

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