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Go-Cardless lets businesses easily collect payments online. To save you time and hassle remembering to make payments, Go-cardless directly requested from our customers bank accounts (rather than using expensive card networks). Bank payments are a pull payment method, leaving remembering payments to us, triggering the payment so all you as the customer needs to do is authorise it one time, and the job is done. Each time we call for payment you are alerted via email so in the unlikely event of discrepancy it can be easily resolved before processing. All of our payment processing uses bank payments. Leaving cards behind means you enjoy lower fees, easy automation, and reduced payment failures, saving you time, stress, and money. This also means that scheduled cleans are kept to and records are kept throughout. The benefits of Go-Cardless payments to you include: * Hassle free time savings - By paying via GoCardless, customers only need to authorise the first payment. Future payments are taken automatically (but you are always protected if a payment is ever taken in error). * Less hassle - Credit cards and debit cards expire, or get lost or stolen. Bank transfers, cash, and cheques require a lot of manual processing. Payments via GoCardless, however, only need a short, upfront setup from you, then you don’t need to lift a finger! * Avoiding service interruptions - If a payment from you is late or fails, it could disrupt service as we do not offer credit on accounts. Payments via GoCardless are processed automatically on the due date, and failure rates tend to be low compared to other payment methods, so there is no chance of missed scheduled cleans. For any further information on Go-cardless payments please feel free to contact us via email and one of the team will be happy to help.